Kimmel Farm: Our Pre-History

This is the video we produced for our school's dedication. It chronicles the history of the land on which we are built, and the history of the families that owned the land. The following is how it was introduced at our school's dedication.

When we opened Kimmel Farm we felt it very important to preserve and
record our history as it unfolds. That's something that can be
overlooked as the business of school goes forward day by day. But we
also thought it important to gather the history of this place prior to
the school being built. This land has long served a purpose, just as
it does today as we work hard to educate our students.
Over the last week I had the pleasure of spending time with Jean Kimel
Topping and Edgar Miller, the previous land owners who agreed to sell
their property so Flat Rock Middle and Kimmel Farm Elementary could be born. They graciously shared their stories and family photographs with
We're named Kimmel Farm for a reason, and want our students to get a
sense of the rich history this place possesses- to know the reason for
that name. Knowing that history will help give our school purpose, its
own unique identity, and a sense of pride. It also sets a standard for
hard work and achievement.
Those were the motives behind creating the following video
presentation we'd like to share tonight. It's called Kimmel Farm - Our
Past, Present, and future.
Here's the 15 minute retrospective.