Cows at Kimmel Farm

Thursday, April 15th Kimmel Farm Elementary became just that - a farm. Cows from neighboring property got free from their pastures and made their way onto school property. They were corralled in our school's playground area and the owners came and took them home. The visit from the cows prompted one kindergarten student to ask if it was our school's Chick-Fil-A night. It was quite a site, and just another highlight from our first year in existence. Here's is the blog post from Mrs. Ellington's class blog written to record the event for posterity.

As I was teaching math Thursday morning, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I saw about 6 cows come up over the hill into our bus parking lot. It was a sight to be seen and so was the excitement in my students. They were amazed to see cows right outside our classroom window. The cows made their way to the back of the school and luckily ended up in our fenced in playground area. Of course there were frantic teachers (me included) running outside to capture this miraculous moment with digital cameras and flip videos. This was the most exciting teachable moment I have ever witnessed. Needless to say, the rest of the day was all about COWS!! Now we know why our school was named "KIMMEL FARM!!!"