Summer Adventures - Physical and Digital

Summer break is just around the corner! Students have worked hard and get a break, but they still need to keep their minds and bodies active over the break. Outdoor games, swimming, playing in the park, and spending time with children are all important and summer offers those opportunities. Spoonful has a great list of ideas that are free, low cost, fun, and things you might not think of right off the bat. The Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation website also has ideas for summer fun activities that are scheduled and supported by the city.
During those cool down times, or times when the weather won't allow you to get outside and move there's no doubt students will want to use technology, and play on their gaming systems. Common Sense Media has a list of games and technology sites that includes everything from art, to music, to building, to computer programming. These apps, games, and websites are rated for safety and appropriateness, and are categorized by age level so you can find safe digital activities for children that will help them problem solve, and be creative. Keeping our students moving and thinking will help nurture them and develop healthy habits and a well-rounded knowledge base. You never know what talents children may discover!
photo credit: Lighttruth via photopin cc