A Reminder: Social Media Best Practices

As summer begins and students have more free time to explore the vast treasures of the internet it's always good to remind them that they are essentially in a global public place. What they do, what they say or write, what they post or comment upon is visible to not just their family and friends, but the entire world and it will be around for a very long time.
Students' creations, comments, videos, and photos represent them and their personality, culture, and most importantly their reputations. Kimmel Farm created best practices for social media and made it part of the School Improvement Plan when it opened four years ago with the goal of making the entire school community educated and aware of the right ways to represent yourself digitally.
As a resource for parents, students, teachers, and administrators we have created a thinking map that summarizes basic "rules of the digital road" and that lives beside our full document on our school website. Click on the interactive Best Practices for Social Media and take time to remind your students and their friends that the world is watching when they participate online. Wishing you a fun-filled summer and safe surfing.