Kimmel Farm Hosts ActivCarolina Event
Approximately 200 educators from 22 school districts (North and South Carolina were invited) gave up their Saturday to attend the ActivCarolina Conference hosted by Kimmel Farm Elementary and Promethean - the company that manufactures the interactive whiteboards installed in all our classrooms.
Thanks to the planning and collaboration with Promethean's
Matt Barfield and
confined inside the walls of out school here are some of the "tweets" that went out gWSFCS's Department of Instructional Technology (DIT) the conference - focused on building capacities using the ActivBoard and its ancillary products was a huge success!

Educators had the opportunity to attend five sessions, each with their own theme to add to their knowledge base, skill level, and learn new tips and tricks of which they might not have been aware.
I've blogged recently on the NCTIES (North Carolina Technolohy in Education Society's) 2011 Conference Blog about how good ideas need the opportunty to "collide" and that was exactly what was happeing Saturday at Kimmel Farm. We were also proud that eight faculty members presented at the conference. In less than two years these dedicated educators were confident in their skills to share their ideas with others. Educators/Trainers from WSFCS's DIT also conducted some sessions. The event was repeatedly referenced on Twitter, which just shows the power of sharing ideas wasn't confined to the walls of kimmel farm. Here are a few of the "tweets" shared globally.