Renzulli Fair 2012

On Thursday, February 16 Kimmel Farm hosted its first Renzulli Fair! The fair was a purely voluntary, self-directed project that students and classes got to share with friends, teachers, parents and the Kimmel Farm community and was completed by using the Renzulli Learning System, to which all our students and staff and even parents have access.
Renzulli Learning grew out of the University of Connecticut where providing a computer-generated profile of each student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression. A search engine matches internet resources to the student’s profile by subject area, grade level, state standards, and degree of complexity. A management system called the Wizard Project Maker guides students in the application of knowledge to teacher or student selected assignments, independent research studies, or creative projects. Students can conduct a self-assessment of what they have learned.
Kimmel Farm we believe every student is gifted and Renzulli Learning helps us identify student interests and learning styles and tailor instruction to meet each child where they can be excited about learning and successful.
Renzulli Fair allowed students to make video presentations, create art, create posters, perform the role of a famous person from history, and make displays about their self-chosen area of interest. At our February 16 PTA Meeting we highlighted the projects and the students who created them by allowing them a chance to share.
Take a look and see what wonderful things our students can do when they are engaged and using a learning platform that allows us to differentiate instruction like
Renzulli Learning! Thanks to Mrs. Butler, one of our Renzulli Coodinators, for organizing this learning adventure.