Book Club off to a Page-Turning Success!

The first Freckle's Kimmel Farm Book Club (KFBC) meeting was a huge success. The first meeting had eight parent/student paired participants show up Mar. 7 at 6:30 in Mrs. D'Souza's room for an intimate night with great books! The 16 participants were reading "Frindle," by Andrew Clements and were given one assignment - to create three through-provoking questions to share and discuss with the group.
The discussions were lively and parents were able to identify with just how deeply their children must engage with books as they learn to read and comprehend on a daily basis at school. A book club is a great casual way for parents to build strong relationships with their children.
Some of the students are actually looking up other books by Clements and parents had comments like, "awesome book" - "great opportunity" and "I love this book." Students also made decisions about whether or not the book was fiction or non-fiction and made connections about events in the story, and with local historical events.
The book club is just getting started and will meet again April 11th at 6:30 at the school with 4th grade students reading "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbitt. The book club is limited to 10 student/parent participants and are chosen by random drawing on entries received. Thanks to Mrs. D'Souza for organizing this event and for Ms. Southerland and Ms. McRae for facilitating discussions.